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25000mg of heroin were arrested in Bangladesh



According to RAB, two persons were arrested from Tongi in Gazipur with more than 2.5 kg of heroin.

RAB 1 Assistant Director Company Commander. Morshedul Hasan said they were caught setting up a checkpost on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway in front of the CDL building of Tongi East police station on Wednesday evening.

They are- Chapainawabganj Sadar Upazila Laxmipur Jamadarpara area Mohammad Abdur Rahim’s son. Mosharraf (26) and Laxmipur Khan Saheb Para area Rezaul Khan’s son. Tariqul Islam (23). 

RAB officer Morshedul said the RAB detectives stepped up surveillance after receiving information that members of the drug trafficking ring were coming from Chapainawabganj to the capital Dhaka via Gazipur with a large consignment of heroin. Two persons were arrested along with a truck loaded with rice sacks at a check post at around 6 pm.

“Two kilograms and 830 grams of heroin, three mobile phones and Rs 3,300 were seized from the truck,” he said.

The RAB official said in the preliminary interrogation information that they were active members of an organized drug trafficking ring. Their other accomplices smuggled heroin into the country through the border areas of Chapainawabanj district. Later, it was supplied to drug dealers all over the country including the capital Dhaka in various goods vehicles.

He said Musharraf was a truck driver. He has long been involved in the drug trade and drug trafficking. Musharraf has already admitted to delivering 12-14 consignments of drugs to Dhaka and surrounding districts. And Tariqul Islam worked as his collaborator. Tariqul lives as a truck driver’s assistant. They have admitted that they get 20-25 thousand rupees for each shipment of drugs.

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Watch Masked Singer Online Free :Season 7 Premieres March 9 on Fox



If you’re in search of an exciting new reality show to watch, Masked Singer will be the best option. The show is broadcast on various channels across the world and there’s bound to be an air date that suits your needs. The concept of the show is quite simple: celebrities dress in extravagant costumes and sing for the judges who attempt to figure out their identities. If you’re in the United States, the United Kingdom or Australia There’s a method to catch The Masked Singer. Who will be the next masked performer? Find out by tuning in!

The Masked Singer is the most recent reality show that has swept across the country. The idea behind the show is straightforward: stars dress in extravagant costumes and sing for the judges, who are trying to figure out their identities. What channels can you stream it? Without further ado we’ve prepared a breakdown of the times for air and channels for each country Let’s get started!

Where can I watch The Masked Singer in The USA?

To see the masked performer on America, United States, tune into Fox every Wednesday at 9 hours, eastern time, United States. The program is hosted by Nick Cannon and produced by Endemol Shine North America. If you’re trying to catch up on the past episodes or discover who the stars are hiding behind the masks go to the website of the show. Additionally each season will be accessible through Tubi (7 season), Hulu (six seasons), DirecTV (six seasons), Fubo TV (three seasons) as well as Spectrum (2 seasons). The seventh season will premiere on the 9th of March.

Where to watch The Masked Singer in The United Kingdom?

To catch the masked vocalist from the United Kingdom, head over to ITV every Wednesday at 8 hours. It’s hosted by Ant Dec and Ant Dec with production through Thames TV. If you’re trying to catch up with previous episodes or find out who’s hiding behind the masks, look up the site of the show. Beware, The Masked Singer has its own UK version. It is possible that you find that version. The American version is streaming via ITV player Sky Go, and Amazon Prime Video.

How to Watch the Masked Singer on Australia?

To see the singer live in Australia listen to Channel Ten every Thursday at seven thirty. It’s the Australian edition of the program is directed by Osher Gunsberg and produced by FremantleMedia Australia. Find out more information about the show and the stars hiding behind their masks by visiting the official website. If you’re interested in watching it on the American version, you’ll be waiting, since it’s not available on major platforms such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Foxtel Now, Netflix, Stan, Binge, Disney+ or Telstra TV. You can also use live video-on-demand services that are connected to the use of a VPN. There are also old versions available in TenPlay or Paramount+ for streaming

How to Watch the Masked Singer on Canada?

If you’re looking to watch The Masked Singer in Canada You can watch it through platforms such as Tubi which has three seasons, and CTV that has a single season.

Masked Singer Production Details Masked Singer Production Details

Masked Singer Masked Singer is produced by Endemol Shine North America, the same company which produces Big Brother. The host of the show is Nick Cannon and the judges include Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger. If you’re seeking information about the behind-the-scenes of the show or to learn more about the making of the show, make sure to check the website of the show.

Who came up with the idea for The Masked Singer in South Korea?

The Masked Singer was developed by South Korean singer and songwriter Jooheon Kim. The show premiered in 2015 on Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and has since grown into an international phenomenon. This show was produced by I’m Entertainment and the anchor is Lee HwiJae. If you’d like to learn what the story behind the show is as well as the stars who are behind the masks, go to their website. Who will become the next masked artist? This concludes our discussion of this subject on Otakukart. Thank you for reading our blog post! We hope you find it useful. If so, please send it out to your followers and friends. Don’t forget to keep visiting Otakukart to stay informed about your most loved shows, series and films.

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The High Court also did not allow Shamima to return to the UK



The country’s Supreme Court has not allowed Shamima Begum, an IS militant of Bangladeshi descent whose British citizenship was revoked, to return to the UK from Syria. The Supreme Court on Friday ruled on whether he would be allowed to return home to challenge the decision to revoke his citizenship. News BBC and AFP.

A five-member bench of the Supreme Court unanimously ruled today. The ruling said Shamima Begum could pose a risk to UK security. Therefore, he should not be allowed to return to the country to challenge the government’s decision to revoke his citizenship.

Shamima, a 15-year-old schoolgirl who fled to Syria with friends and married an IS militant and joined the organization, was sentenced by the Supreme Court today after eight years.

Shamima wants to return to the UK in 2019. However, the country’s government revoked his citizenship citing national security reasons. The matter was then taken to court. Later, on February 21 last year, a UK court ruled that Shamima’s decision to revoke her British citizenship was valid. In the verdict, the court said that Shamima Begum did not become stateless as a result of revocation of her citizenship. Hereditarily he is a ‘citizen of Bangladesh’. He can claim the citizenship of Bangladesh.

However, Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen has already said that Bangladesh has nothing to do with Shamima Begum. He said, ‘Shamima is a citizen of that country (UK). He never applied for Bangladeshi citizenship. So Bangladesh has nothing to do with him.

In the wake of today’s Supreme Court order, Shamima’s 21-year-old lawyers argued that she would win the case on her own, even if there was no fair trial in the court. He is currently in a refugee camp in northern Syria controlled by an armed rebel group. Due to his location in war-torn Syria, he is unable to speak to lawyers or attend hearings.

Shamima Begum migrated to Syria with her two girlfriends in February 2015. All three were students at Bethnal Green Academy in Bangladeshi-dominated East London. After moving to Syria, Shamima married Igo Ridaik, an IS militant of Dutch descent.

In February 2019, a British journalist met Shamima in a Syrian refugee camp. Then Shamima expressed her desire to return to the United Kingdom. A few days later Shamima gave birth to a boy. The baby died a few days later. The Yago-Shamima couple also had two children before. However, no child survived. Shamima said they died of malnutrition and illness.

The main complications

IS dominated Syria two years ago. At that time, the then British government took away Shamima’s citizenship.

In July last year, the UK Court of Appeal ruled that Shamima had not been given a fair chance to challenge the decision. Because, he is not able to fight the case directly from the refugee camps outside the country.

The British government requested the Supreme Court to reconsider the Court of Appeal order. In this context, the Supreme Court gave the order today. Today’s verdict is expected to have a significant impact on the case of Shamima and others like her.

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Shearer claims ‘complete success’ in alleviating rural poverty in China



President Xi Jinping has declared a “complete victory” in China’s efforts to eradicate rural poverty.

He made the announcement at a ceremony in the capital, Beijing, on Thursday to celebrate the achievement, Reuters reported.

China’s rural poverty alleviation has been cited as one of the main goals of Xi’s presidency.  

In the last eight years, China has credited Shiite leadership with lifting some 100 million people out of poverty.

The country’s state-run media described the achievement as a prelude to the 100th anniversary of the ruling Communist Party this year.

On Wednesday, the Communist Party’s mouthpiece, the People’s Daily, praised the two-page commentary report as a “historic step” in alleviating poverty under Shearer.

China defines per capita income as less than 4,000 yuan (০ 720) per day, or less than 1.52 dollars per day, as extreme rural poverty. On the other hand, according to the definition of the World Bank, the daily per capita income in this case has been set at one point 90 dollars.

In its policy document No. 1 released on Sunday, China said it would continue its poverty alleviation policy.

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The Octopus Energy Billion dollar company because there is no human resources department



Greg Jackson, founder of Octopus Energy, a UK-based green energy supplier, thinks differently. That’s why Greg Jackson’s কোটি 1.40 billion company has no human resources (HR) department, no information and technology department (IT), where all the big and small companies in the world started from the beginning. Greg’s experience says that no matter what the HR and IT departments do, employees can’t be happier or increase productivity. And because he doesn’t have these, today he has a billion dollar company. This is the secret of his success.

Octopus Energy was established in 2015. The company works with renewable energy. This company is in a very profitable position from the beginning. They have added six major energy companies. They are providing green energy to about 1.9 million homes in the UK. About 1,200 employees are working in his company.

Greg is very kind about his staff. He gave various facilities. Has distributed a portion of the company’s shares among permanent employees.

Greg has previously run five other companies, including a mirror factory, an online property management company, and a coffee shop. His extreme annoyance in favor of ‘command and control’. He thinks that good management structure is born through experience. From the experience he has had in running five small companies before Octopus, he said handling HR and IT issues on his own does not require a separate department. Greg said he expects his managers to take matters into their own hands as they are not accountable to third parties. This approach, he thinks, allows employees to become more self-reliant.

But there is a short story behind Greg’s own philosophy, which changed his attitude.

When Gregg was 26, he worked as a manager for a manufacturing company in North London. The company employed a 40-year-old woman who was also a receptionist and customer service worker. One day, as Greg passed by the woman, he overheard her talking to a customer on the phone. Greg thought, let’s help that woman a little. He gave him some very wise advice.

The woman then said, ‘Greg, I am managing two children and a family with the meager salary that the company pays me. If I can do it, you can be sure that I can do whatever this company wants from me. I was here before you came and I will be here after you leave. I love this company more than you do, so never need to tell me what to do. ‘

Greg realized that the woman was right. Greg said the incident was the biggest experience of his life. That incident helped him to form the basis of his management theory.

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