How to watch ESPN 8: The Ocho Stunt dodgeball and more

Md. Abdus Salam

This article will cover everything you need about ESPN 8: The Ocho, including programming details and how to tune in to watch.

How to watch ESPN8: The Ocho

  • When: Friday, Aug. 5
  • Channel –ESPN2

Let’s be clear, ESPN8 is not a channel. It won’t be found on your DVR or cable guide if you try to find it. The channel you are looking for is ESPN2, but for 24 hours it will be rebranded to ESPN8: The Ocho.

What is ESPN8: The Ocho?

ESPN8: Ocho first appeared as Peter La Fleur in “Dodgeball : A True Underdog Story”, a 2004 film about how Peter La Fleur (played primarily by Vince Vaughn), saves his gym (Ben Stiller) and wins the prize money at a Dodgeball tournament.

The Ocho was the only station that could broadcast the Dodgeball Championship match. Goodman’s Globo Gym won, but La Fleur’s Average Joe’s team defeated it.

The film inspired the 2017 real-world debut by ESPN8: The Ocho. The Ocho, like its cinematic counterpart is “No. The Ocho is the “No. 1 destination for’seldom-seen sports’.”

ESPN8: The Ocho schedule for 2022

ESPN8 will return Friday, August 8th with some additional programming before and after ESPN2’s 24-hour run as The Ocho.

The year includes a 14-1/2-hour live sporting event from The Rock Hill Sports & Event Center or Manchester Meadows in Rock Hill, S.C.

Cotton is bold in his strategy of bringing back ESPN8 The Ocho for 2022. It’s a risk we believe will pay off. Ocho will host 24 hours of rare sports from all over the globe, with 14 1/2 hours of live competition at Manchester Meadows in South Carolina and The Rock Hill Sports & Event Center. Here are the details on how to catch all of the events.

How to watch: The Ocho

The action starts at midnight ET. We’ll be airing the annual Corgi Races on Emerald Downs.

Air hockey, table hockey and chase tag are just a few of the highlights. You can also tune in to the American Cornhole League events between 4 and 8. ET when ACL pros will team with celebrities to compete. Jay Cutler and Terry Kirby are special guests. Also, Ben Rector and Mike “The Situation”) Sorrentino will be there. Dawn Staley and Chris Weidman will also be present. Marty Smith from ESPN and SEC Network will also be on the show. Smith and Ryan McGee host “The Ocho Show”, a special one-hour show at 2 p.m. ET.