The Octopus Energy Billion dollar company because there is no human resources department

Md. Abdus Salam

Octopus Energy

Greg Jackson, founder of Octopus Energy, a UK-based green energy supplier, thinks differently. That’s why Greg Jackson’s কোটি 1.40 billion company has no human resources (HR) department, no information and technology department (IT), where all the big and small companies in the world started from the beginning. Greg’s experience says that no matter what the HR and IT departments do, employees can’t be happier or increase productivity. And because he doesn’t have these, today he has a billion dollar company. This is the secret of his success.

Octopus Energy was established in 2015. The company works with renewable energy. This company is in a very profitable position from the beginning. They have added six major energy companies. They are providing green energy to about 1.9 million homes in the UK. About 1,200 employees are working in his company.

Greg is very kind about his staff. He gave various facilities. Has distributed a portion of the company’s shares among permanent employees.

Greg has previously run five other companies, including a mirror factory, an online property management company, and a coffee shop. His extreme annoyance in favor of ‘command and control’. He thinks that good management structure is born through experience. From the experience he has had in running five small companies before Octopus, he said handling HR and IT issues on his own does not require a separate department. Greg said he expects his managers to take matters into their own hands as they are not accountable to third parties. This approach, he thinks, allows employees to become more self-reliant.

But there is a short story behind Greg’s own philosophy, which changed his attitude.

When Gregg was 26, he worked as a manager for a manufacturing company in North London. The company employed a 40-year-old woman who was also a receptionist and customer service worker. One day, as Greg passed by the woman, he overheard her talking to a customer on the phone. Greg thought, let’s help that woman a little. He gave him some very wise advice.

The woman then said, ‘Greg, I am managing two children and a family with the meager salary that the company pays me. If I can do it, you can be sure that I can do whatever this company wants from me. I was here before you came and I will be here after you leave. I love this company more than you do, so never need to tell me what to do. ‘

Greg realized that the woman was right. Greg said the incident was the biggest experience of his life. That incident helped him to form the basis of his management theory.

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