The scope of Spotify increased, Bangladesh also in the list

Md. Abdus Salam

Spotify, a registered Swedish music streaming service provider, has expanded its reach to more than 70 countries around the world. Bangladesh is also on the list of newly added countries.

The move is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to create a truly seamless audio ecosystem, bringing together producers, listeners and content on one platform, Spotify said on its website.

This is Spotify’s biggest step so far in expanding the service market. The music streaming service provider is adding 36 new language platforms.

Spotify claims the organization’s commitment to international artists and audiences is unwavering. Working with local manufacturers and partners can meet the unique needs of each market customer’s Spotify experience.

There are more than one billion people in more than 80 newly added countries. Spotify also claims that potential customers in these countries are waiting to harness the power of the platform.

By registering for the service, the customer will be able to connect with the global audience of the organization. They will be able to listen to local songs as well as songs from other countries.

By launching services in more countries in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America, Spotify is offering millions of its customers a career in audio production.

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