This time 18 school children in India are affected by corona

This time 18 school children in India are affected by corona

Sixteen students at a school in the Indian state of Maharashtra have been infected with corona. They are all students of a hostel. The school is in Wasim district of the state. Four more teachers of the school have been affected by Corona. The school was declared a corona infection area after students and teachers were infected with corona.

Meanwhile, two weeks ago, students and teachers of two schools in the southern state of Kerala were attacked by corona. In addition to Malappuram district of the state, 189 students of class X of two schools were affected by corona. At the same time, 60 teachers and staff of the school were also attacked in Corona. Later, it was reported that 18 school students in Maharashtra were attacked by Corona.

Most of the students in the school are from Amravati and Ivatmal districts of the state, NDTV reported. And the coronavirus has recently spread rapidly in these two districts. In the state of Maharashtra, 6,600 people were affected by corona on Wednesday. The state has the highest corona detection rate in the last four months on Wednesday. Sixty people died in Maharashtra yesterday. In this state, 21 lakh 21 thousand 119 people have been affected by corona. So far 51,938 people have died in the state. The state government and the police have called for compliance with the health rules. It has also been informed that strict action will be taken if the health rules are not followed.

Corona tests were performed on all students, teachers and school officials and staff. State health officials are investigating how so many people became infected with the corona or how the corona spread.

A large crowd gathered at a temple in Wasim district on Tuesday to break Corona’s hygiene rules. The gathering was due to the arrival of Shiv Sena minister Sanjay Rathud, who is leading the ruling alliance in Maharashtra. Opposition parties in the state have also alleged that a woman was killed during the rally. It has also been reported in the media.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra Chief Minister Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray has directed the police to take action against those who violated health rules in the incident. He said the law is the same for everyone. Religious, social and political gatherings have been banned due to the corona outbreak.

As the incidence of corona has decreased, educational institutions have started opening in the states of India. Earlier, students and teachers of two government schools were attacked by corona after the school reopened in the southern Indian state of Kerala on February 8. Two schools have been declared closed after students and teachers were attacked by Corona. After that, 189 students of class X of two schools in Malappuram district of the state were attacked by Corona. At the same time, 60 teachers and staff of the school were also affected by the corona.

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