That Messi is above all now

That Messi is above all now

Only 1 goal in the first six matches in La Liga, 6 goals in the first 15 matches. When the name of the player is Lionel Messi, the statistics are completely inconsistent. Goal-scoring is the easiest thing for Barcelona’s Argentine superstar. Whether it was because of the change in his role in the team or not, that easy task was not being done at the beginning of the league.

But last night that Messi rose to the top of the list of La Liga’s top scorers. The Barcelona captain overtook former teammate Luis Suarez with a pair of goals against Elch. Messi has now scored 16 goals in the league, while Uruguayan striker Suarez, who joined Barcelona from Atletico Madrid this season, has scored 16 goals. Messi has scored 11 goals in the last seven matches of the league.

Barcelona won the rest of the match after losing points in two consecutive home matches courtesy of Messi’s pair of goals. In addition to Messi, Jordi Alba scored a goal yesterday. Ronald Koman’s side drew 1-1 with Cিজdiz in a league match after losing 4-1 to PSG in the UEFA Champions League at Camp Nou last week.

In yesterday’s victory, Bar এসেছেa has risen to the third place in the list of points with 50 points in 24 matches. Top team Atletico, however, got 55 points after playing less than one match. Real Madrid with 52 points in 24 matches.

Messi scored the first goal in the 48th minute. Messi got the ball inside the box after giving and taking the ball with Martin Brathwaite. Messi got the second goal in 6 minutes. Messi got the ball from a great pass from Frankie de Young and scored the goal. Alba got the ball from Brathwaite’s head in the 63rd minute and brought the third goal to Bar্সa.

At the end of the match, Alba said that they were scared before Messi’s goal, “Even though the game was under our control, we had to suffer in the first half. Leo’s (Messi’s) goal in the second half made our job easier, then we got the third goal.

Alba thinks the win will help Bar্সa move forward: “It will help boost the team’s morale. The task was not easy at all after that draw in the league and that loss in the Champions League. However, we are still fighting for the league title. There are still many matches left. We have to continue the fight.

Barcelona was supposed to start this season with this match against Elche. But the match was postponed to give Bar্সa enough rest as the Champions League ended late last season.

The next match in the Barcelona league will be played next Saturday against Sevilla at Sevilla. This was followed by the second leg match of the Copa del Rey semi-final against the same opponent at the Nou on Wednesday at the same camp. lost the first leg 0-2.

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